Celebrities DO NOT use Tanning Beds

Airbrush Tanning

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    IMG_0693The Beautiful Ladies Of the hit series Banchee on Cinemax.  Ivana Milicevic (right) and Lilly Simmons(left) I am in the middle 🙂 If your not watching this hit show your missing out. Here is a sneak peek at the Trailer http://youtu.be/1aYDopySWJQ

I want to tell every teenager, Celebrities do not use Tanning Beds. And when in the sun they slather on sun block ! They know that the sun and tanning beds will age them. Who wants wrinkles ? Who wants saggy old skin? It is proven that tanning is directly linked to these things. Not to mention the danger of getting SKIN CANCER. Which is on the rise by 70% . The only Answer to Sexy Tan Skin is a good Airbrushed Tan. Celebrities are well aware of the facts, and have been getting airbrushed for years. That is why their skin stays so beautiful. I…

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