Why is my Airbrush Tan Fading after a few days ?

Good Morning Everyone,
I choose this Question to answer today, because I get it A lot. Unfortunately it’s not one answer. There are many things it could be. I will have to Dissect with some questions and answers. Do you Prepare prior to tanning ? Read the post Preparing for you Airbrushed Tan. Let us assume you do. Are you a swimmer? Chlorine will fade the tan fast it is basically bleaching your skin. Are you A tub soaker ? Their is chlorine in most Towns water. Are you using Natural body washes/soaps? A lot of soap exfoliates the skin. Check the first two ingredients don’t use it if they consist of Alcohol or Alpha Hydroxy. Smelling your product is a quick test, very smelly washes have a lot of alcohol.
(the base of all perfumes) I always recommend Vitamin E soaps or Glycerin. Any natural organic product will work best. Are you using a loofa or product like that to wash with? Answered yes? Throw it away! Airbrush Tans worst enemy. Do you moisturize? Moist skin last longer than dry skin. Moisturizing everyday is advised. If your not doing any of the above and following all advice FIND A NEW AIRBRUSH TANNING SALON! Not all Airbrush Tanning Solution is created equal. Where you are going is probably using a cheep solution. It is true you get what you pay for. The salon owner is probably trying to save a few bucks. In return they will loose a few instead.
I hope this helps.
Thank you for the questions and please keep them coming….
Everyday: Good or Bad is A Gift! Use it Wisely 🙂

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