Favorite Part of my Job

Good Morning,
This weekend someone asked me what is my favorite part of my job. My answer surprised them. (Its not the traveling or the celebrities, as you would think.) Saving people from Skin Cancer. I guess that is surprising if you don’t know me. I have skin cancer. I have had many surgeries and my face cut up. The sad part it was totally preventable. Being a nurse I should have known better. I was young and invincible. Of course we didn’t know then what we know today about Tanning Beds/Booths.
Every time I turn a Bed/Booth Tanner into an Airbrush Tanner makes me smile. Everyday I get to do something I love that has life long benefits. When I started this about 14 years ago it was practically unheard of. Today the industry is grown by leaps and bounds. It makes up over 50% of Tanning revenue. With education and products improving I truly believe that Airbrush Tanning will be the future of Tanning. As it should be. Tan skin dose look sexier, healthier and hide many flaws. Just get Airbrushed Tanned for all the benefits WITHOUT the RISKS.

Everyday, Good or Bad is a gift! Use it wisely


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