Preparing for your Airbrush Tan

Good Morning,

         So your going to get a tan GREAT!!  Lets talk about getting ready. Fresh from the shower is always best. Thru out the day pores produce oils and collect things like polution, pollen, etc. Tanning solution is absorbed into your pores. When pores are clean and open more solution is absorbed and results are best. Recently exfoliated skin is always good. Think about it this way our skin is in a constant state of flux (a fancy word for shedding). Your arm may be ready to shed in some areas and be fresh skin in others. Dry skin will always suck up more solution then balanced skin. This can cause different color results when airbrush tanning. Exfoliating is a way to remove loose skin and level the playing field. I would like to give you some advice on exfoliating…Throw away LOOFAS! They are the worst. Loofas cause micro abrasions to your skin allowing bacteria to enter, and are a breeding ground for germs. Anything that feels rough and scratchy is NOT needed or recommended. Exfoliating is very easy. You can soak in a hot tub then use a wash cloth in circular motions over the whole body. If your not a tub person then I recommend purchasing a soft exfoliant product. Look for something with pineapple in the ingredients for that is a natural exfoliant. Again whatever you use should not feel scratchy. On dry skin put your exfoliant on wait five minutes then jump in the shower. Use a wash cloth in circular motions. After bathing dry yourself briskly with a towel. You have just exfoliated. If your tanning right after exfoliating please make sure to soap up and rinse again. Just to make sure all residue is removed. Then head on over to the salon. Don’t put on any perfume, makeup or deodorant. I will explain this tomorrow…

Everyday, Good or Bad is a Gift ! Make it count….


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