Brides and Airbrush Tanning

Good Morning Everyone!

I want to follow up on last weeks question with a little more advice. We unfortunately, can’t assume every Airbrush Tanning Technician is properly Trained. With that in mind you the client need to be a bit more educated. There are things you can do to ensure good results. First and for most No BRIDE should ever be tanned for the first Time right before the wedding!!!!!! You need to do a trial at least two weeks before! Please head this advice. In salons I own this is a RULE! Brides less is more. Please only use a natural solution. You want to look like you have beautiful glowing skin. Most importantly because the camera will photograph you darker. I have seen pictures of brides, to dark in a white dress. Not pretty.

This whole week will be advice on preparing for your airbrush tan Please follow along

Everyday good or bad is a gift. Use it wisely !



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