Celebrities DO NOT use Tanning Beds

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    IMG_0693The Beautiful Ladies Of the hit series Banchee on Cinemax.  Ivana Milicevic (right) and Lilly Simmons(left) I am in the middle 🙂 If your not watching this hit show your missing out. Here is a sneak peek at the Trailer http://youtu.be/1aYDopySWJQ

I want to tell every teenager, Celebrities do not use Tanning Beds. And when in the sun they slather on sun block ! They know that the sun and tanning beds will age them. Who wants wrinkles ? Who wants saggy old skin? It is proven that tanning is directly linked to these things. Not to mention the danger of getting SKIN CANCER. Which is on the rise by 70% . The only Answer to Sexy Tan Skin is a good Airbrushed Tan. Celebrities are well aware of the facts, and have been getting airbrushed for years. That is why their skin stays so beautiful. I realize your young and invincible and don’t think it can happen to you. But it can, and it will. If you admire and look up to celebrities follow in there foot steps. Protect yourself in the sun, and please stay out of tanning beds/booths.

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Why is my Airbrush Tan Fading after a few days ?

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I choose this Question to answer today, because I get it A lot. Unfortunately it’s not one answer. There are many things it could be. I will have to Dissect with some questions and answers. Do you Prepare prior to tanning ? Read the post Preparing for you Airbrushed Tan. Let us assume you do. Are you a swimmer? Chlorine will fade the tan fast it is basically bleaching your skin. Are you A tub soaker ? Their is chlorine in most Towns water. Are you using Natural body washes/soaps? A lot of soap exfoliates the skin. Check the first two ingredients don’t use it if they consist of Alcohol or Alpha Hydroxy. Smelling your product is a quick test, very smelly washes have a lot of alcohol.
(the base of all perfumes) I always recommend Vitamin E soaps or Glycerin. Any natural organic product will work best. Are you using a loofa or product like that to wash with? Answered yes? Throw it away! Airbrush Tans worst enemy. Do you moisturize? Moist skin last longer than dry skin. Moisturizing everyday is advised. If your not doing any of the above and following all advice FIND A NEW AIRBRUSH TANNING SALON! Not all Airbrush Tanning Solution is created equal. Where you are going is probably using a cheep solution. It is true you get what you pay for. The salon owner is probably trying to save a few bucks. In return they will loose a few instead.
I hope this helps.
Thank you for the questions and please keep them coming….
Everyday: Good or Bad is A Gift! Use it Wisely 🙂

Favorite Part of my Job

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This weekend someone asked me what is my favorite part of my job. My answer surprised them. (Its not the traveling or the celebrities, as you would think.) Saving people from Skin Cancer. I guess that is surprising if you don’t know me. I have skin cancer. I have had many surgeries and my face cut up. The sad part it was totally preventable. Being a nurse I should have known better. I was young and invincible. Of course we didn’t know then what we know today about Tanning Beds/Booths.
Every time I turn a Bed/Booth Tanner into an Airbrush Tanner makes me smile. Everyday I get to do something I love that has life long benefits. When I started this about 14 years ago it was practically unheard of. Today the industry is grown by leaps and bounds. It makes up over 50% of Tanning revenue. With education and products improving I truly believe that Airbrush Tanning will be the future of Tanning. As it should be. Tan skin dose look sexier, healthier and hide many flaws. Just get Airbrushed Tanned for all the benefits WITHOUT the RISKS.

Everyday, Good or Bad is a gift! Use it wisely


Tanning And Celebrities


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Today I would like to share with you some Celebrity Tanning Facts.
Celebrities DO NOT come into Tanning Salons. They don’t have to. They have wonderful Make up Artist on Staff. Like my beautiful Friend Jacqui Phillips Jacquiphillips.tv/about-jacqui who works on Mob Wives. Shout out ladies http://www.vh1.com/shows/mob_wives/season_4/series.jhtml I usually Tan them once and they love it. On my second visit I talk to them about training their own Make Up Person. You see, it is impossible for me to be everywhere. My clients are all over the country when they are home, and forget about it when they travel. But these Talented Make Up Artist ( and they are artist) travel with them. Or work on the set while filming. It makes sense I train them (you can read about Training in a prior post) and they purchase all of their own equipment. A lot of the time the Make Up Artist (if they are smart) will come and get training just for the fact that its something they can add to their list of Skills when applying for Jobs.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I was sitting with Friends (in a public very swanky Bar/Restaurant) watching the Grammys Red Carpet. I could over hear the woman a few stools down boasting about whom she has worked with and what Tans she did. Now I know for a fact that at least two of them she didn’t because I did. Thats why I was there. It makes me so angry and I wanted to say something, but then I thought I will write about it. I will be the Bigger person. The professional. The truth is no celebrity is walking into your Tanning Salon! If you have to stand around boasting about yourself, Your probably trying to be something your not. A true Professional will guard celebrities secrets. A true professional works on word of mouth and referrals. A true professional understands silence is golden.
Everyday, Good or Bad is a Gift. Use it Wisely
BTW : Her body is slamming and you would have known that had you Tanned her !

A Great Airbrush Tan


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How Great Michelle looks! Would you guess this was an Airbrush tan? I don’t think so. That my friends is the point. I recently did an event where I tanned about half of the models. As I sat in the audience, I asked the people around me to guess what girls were Airbrushed. I am happy to tell you they got most of them wrong. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. Im happy my work is so natural looking its undetectable..BUT I’m sad so many people have such a bad opinion about Airbrush Tanning. A good Airbrushed Tan looks better than a natural tan. The skin is not as dry and the clients do not get wrinkles. I promise you it looks far better than a UV Bed/Booth Tan! All I need to do to prove this point is to remind you of the tanning MOM. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Tanning-Booth-Mom-Arrested-Girl-New-Jersey-Nutley-Court-149837735.html

Everyday, Good or Bad is A gift. Use it wisely ….

Preparing for your Airbrush Tan

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         So your going to get a tan GREAT!!  Lets talk about getting ready. Fresh from the shower is always best. Thru out the day pores produce oils and collect things like polution, pollen, etc. Tanning solution is absorbed into your pores. When pores are clean and open more solution is absorbed and results are best. Recently exfoliated skin is always good. Think about it this way our skin is in a constant state of flux (a fancy word for shedding). Your arm may be ready to shed in some areas and be fresh skin in others. Dry skin will always suck up more solution then balanced skin. This can cause different color results when airbrush tanning. Exfoliating is a way to remove loose skin and level the playing field. I would like to give you some advice on exfoliating…Throw away LOOFAS! They are the worst. Loofas cause micro abrasions to your skin allowing bacteria to enter, and are a breeding ground for germs. Anything that feels rough and scratchy is NOT needed or recommended. Exfoliating is very easy. You can soak in a hot tub then use a wash cloth in circular motions over the whole body. If your not a tub person then I recommend purchasing a soft exfoliant product. Look for something with pineapple in the ingredients for that is a natural exfoliant. Again whatever you use should not feel scratchy. On dry skin put your exfoliant on wait five minutes then jump in the shower. Use a wash cloth in circular motions. After bathing dry yourself briskly with a towel. You have just exfoliated. If your tanning right after exfoliating please make sure to soap up and rinse again. Just to make sure all residue is removed. Then head on over to the salon. Don’t put on any perfume, makeup or deodorant. I will explain this tomorrow…

Everyday, Good or Bad is a Gift ! Make it count….


Brides and Airbrush Tanning

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I want to follow up on last weeks question with a little more advice. We unfortunately, can’t assume every Airbrush Tanning Technician is properly Trained. With that in mind you the client need to be a bit more educated. There are things you can do to ensure good results. First and for most No BRIDE should ever be tanned for the first Time right before the wedding!!!!!! You need to do a trial at least two weeks before! Please head this advice. In salons I own this is a RULE! Brides less is more. Please only use a natural solution. You want to look like you have beautiful glowing skin. Most importantly because the camera will photograph you darker. I have seen pictures of brides, to dark in a white dress. Not pretty.

This whole week will be advice on preparing for your airbrush tan Please follow along

Everyday good or bad is a gift. Use it wisely !