My First Question…WHOOT WHOOT so Excited:

Hi Christi

I am getting married in April. I have never had a spray tan but my makeup girl   XXXXXXX suggested it. I am a little nervous about it. I live in XXXXXX Texas, can you recommend a place?



Hi Sharon,

First of all Thank you for the question and visit to my blog. I am currently working on a list of recommended locations but its going to take awhile. I need to really research and secret shop the locations. If I am putting a recommendation out there with my name on it, I need to be sure. That being said you can find out a lot about a place before you visit by asking the right questions.   This is what I would want to know….how long have they been in business? Is the solution organic ? FDA approved ? Will they provide a free Sample? Is satisfaction Guaranteed ? Ask tons of questions, can they answer them ? Do they sound like they know what they are talking about ? Then you need to do your research use social media check the facts. Look for photos and recommendations from other clients. When you find a place you like stop by unannounced, you should feel welcomed. The location should be clean and the staff helpful informative and friendly. If not just leave. Your first impression speaks volumes. If your still feeling the love for the place Great! Sit in the waiting room for awhile and watch people before and after. Talk to them, Do they love it? How long have they been Clients? Before you leave ask for a free Sample ( get it on your belly where you can hide it if necessary ) The next day check your sample, Do you like the way it looks? If so You have found your tanning salon.

I hope this helps

Everyday, good or bad is a gift! Make it count


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