What Should Training consist of ?

Good Morning Everyone:

We left off considering do we need training. I think we can all agree, if we want to succeed, we do! So what kind of training should you look for ? In my opinion any good class will be at least two full eight-hour days. It should consist of: what is Tanning solution and where it comes from. What Tanning solution can and can’t do. How to use tanning solutions properly on your clients. Color guides for pigmentation. How to address and fix mistakes. FDA guide lines and rules and regulations. It should also have a few hours on equipment. What are the different types and How to use them properly. Maintenance and troubleshooting are so important! Imagine a new client half tanned and your gun stops working. Yikes!!!! And you don’t know how to fix it. Not a good situation to be in. Yes, defiantly equipment. You also need to learn where to put the tanning solution and where to not put it. Have you ever seen a spray tan on someone and on the inside of the wrist is a stop line so their hands aren’t tan ? Well you shouldn’t have!  That is wrong and a bad spray tan. A good spray tan is undetectable. It looks like natural. Depending on the color it can even pass for a natural skin tone. I have a lot of celebrity clients that are tanned weekly with our Natural Solution. The public assumes they have beautiful glowing skin. That my friends is a good spray Tan. After you learn this basic background information, you need hands on training. You need to put that gun in your hand and tan people. At least three with someone trained standing over you. It is so much harder to break bad habits then to form good ones. You need to be tanned and go thru the whole experience. So that you understand how your clients feel. You need to be able to ask questions. You need to see your results. You need to learn how to explain the process, how to answer questions from your clients. You need to learn how to treat clients. (there are rules and regulations on touching clients) You need to learn professionalism. You need to practice practice and then practice some more ! In my opinion you should never charge a client until you are 100% confident in your abilities. All of this is at least two full days. When you take one of my class’s after your second day I will send you out to practice on friends on family for thirty days. Anytime after your thirtieth day you can test.(I will tell you in class what we look for) With completion I will issue you a certificated Tanning Technician certificate. I have been teaching airbrush tanning for ten years. I still feel like I never have enough time with my class. There is just so much to learn. That is why I stopped teaching at Trade Shows. I couldn’t possibly give an education I felt proud of in the time they allotted me (usually 4 hours). It all boils down to this…If your going to do something do it right. Education and experience are absolutely necessary.

Everyday, Good or Bad is a Gift. Make it count….


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