My First Question…WHOOT WHOOT so Excited:

Hi Christi

I am getting married in April. I have never had a spray tan but my makeup girl   XXXXXXX suggested it. I am a little nervous about it. I live in XXXXXX Texas, can you recommend a place?



Hi Sharon,

First of all Thank you for the question and visit to my blog. I am currently working on a list of recommended locations but its going to take awhile. I need to really research and secret shop the locations. If I am putting a recommendation out there with my name on it, I need to be sure. That being said you can find out a lot about a place before you visit by asking the right questions.   This is what I would want to know….how long have they been in business? Is the solution organic ? FDA approved ? Will they provide a free Sample? Is satisfaction Guaranteed ? Ask tons of questions, can they answer them ? Do they sound like they know what they are talking about ? Then you need to do your research use social media check the facts. Look for photos and recommendations from other clients. When you find a place you like stop by unannounced, you should feel welcomed. The location should be clean and the staff helpful informative and friendly. If not just leave. Your first impression speaks volumes. If your still feeling the love for the place Great! Sit in the waiting room for awhile and watch people before and after. Talk to them, Do they love it? How long have they been Clients? Before you leave ask for a free Sample ( get it on your belly where you can hide it if necessary ) The next day check your sample, Do you like the way it looks? If so You have found your tanning salon.

I hope this helps

Everyday, good or bad is a gift! Make it count


What Should Training consist of ?

Good Morning Everyone:

We left off considering do we need training. I think we can all agree, if we want to succeed, we do! So what kind of training should you look for ? In my opinion any good class will be at least two full eight-hour days. It should consist of: what is Tanning solution and where it comes from. What Tanning solution can and can’t do. How to use tanning solutions properly on your clients. Color guides for pigmentation. How to address and fix mistakes. FDA guide lines and rules and regulations. It should also have a few hours on equipment. What are the different types and How to use them properly. Maintenance and troubleshooting are so important! Imagine a new client half tanned and your gun stops working. Yikes!!!! And you don’t know how to fix it. Not a good situation to be in. Yes, defiantly equipment. You also need to learn where to put the tanning solution and where to not put it. Have you ever seen a spray tan on someone and on the inside of the wrist is a stop line so their hands aren’t tan ? Well you shouldn’t have!  That is wrong and a bad spray tan. A good spray tan is undetectable. It looks like natural. Depending on the color it can even pass for a natural skin tone. I have a lot of celebrity clients that are tanned weekly with our Natural Solution. The public assumes they have beautiful glowing skin. That my friends is a good spray Tan. After you learn this basic background information, you need hands on training. You need to put that gun in your hand and tan people. At least three with someone trained standing over you. It is so much harder to break bad habits then to form good ones. You need to be tanned and go thru the whole experience. So that you understand how your clients feel. You need to be able to ask questions. You need to see your results. You need to learn how to explain the process, how to answer questions from your clients. You need to learn how to treat clients. (there are rules and regulations on touching clients) You need to learn professionalism. You need to practice practice and then practice some more ! In my opinion you should never charge a client until you are 100% confident in your abilities. All of this is at least two full days. When you take one of my class’s after your second day I will send you out to practice on friends on family for thirty days. Anytime after your thirtieth day you can test.(I will tell you in class what we look for) With completion I will issue you a certificated Tanning Technician certificate. I have been teaching airbrush tanning for ten years. I still feel like I never have enough time with my class. There is just so much to learn. That is why I stopped teaching at Trade Shows. I couldn’t possibly give an education I felt proud of in the time they allotted me (usually 4 hours). It all boils down to this…If your going to do something do it right. Education and experience are absolutely necessary.

Everyday, Good or Bad is a Gift. Make it count….


Training, Do I really need it ?

I received an email this morning asking me if someone really needs training. YES you do! Think about this for just a minute. Do you want your hair dresser to watch a training video and then cut or color your hair ? It will take days and many times months to correct the mistakes someone untrained will make. Remember you will need to walk around looking cray cray until you find a professional to fix it. How do you feel about that ? Scares me. I have seen way to many airbrush tans  that are hideous ! I notice it most in  the spring when everyones showing some skin.  It makes me actually crazy to see how many bad tans are out there. I just want to scream thats not the way its supposed to look. I wish I could train the whole  world. You see they lump us together. They judge us as Airbrush Tanning. When your out there untrained, doing your thing . It hurts all of us who work so hard. I haven’t even touched on doing this and then trying to open a business. I have seen this happen way to many times. You might as well stand in the street and throw money. People will at least like you. lol If your tanning people and they walk around looking cray cray for a week. I imagine they won’t be to happy, and everyone they encounter during that week is sure to see and hear about your business. It won’t stop there, she will be mad for years to come and tell everyone when the conversation of tanning comes up. Think you or your business will succeed ? I will leave you to ponder that today…….more tomorrow.

Everyday good or bad is a gift! Make it count.